Cuba baseball team gets US visas for pre-Olympics

26 May 2021
2021-05-26 12:36

Cuba's Baseball Federation announced on Tuesday their players had been issued U.S. travel visas for the Olympic qualifiers after concerns of lack of authorizations. Last week, managers and players confirmed they lacked visas to attend the event in Miami starting on May 31. Federation authorities said they sought to obtain the visas in Mexico, Panama, and Guyana as an alternative to the U.S. Embassy in Havana, which had its consular area closed since 2017 by Donald Trump's administration.

After their failed attempts, the athletes and their managers presented the documentation to the United States Embassy in Cuba. The Cuban sports website said the team was grateful for the support. Fans also said they were hopeful for their team, which has already obtained two gold medals and one silver in previous Olympic games. Baseball returns to the Olympics this summer after a 13-year absence. 

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