Electric Power Distribution: Electricty Distribution Inspected in Yamethin District

29 September 2022
2022-09-29 10:07

Union Minister for Electric Power U Thaung Han together with departmental officials inspected implementation for the continuous electric power distribution to Moehti, Moemi area and supply of electricity in Yamethin District on Wednesday.

At the District Electricity Engineering Office in Yamethin, the Acting Chair of Mandalay Electric Supply Corporation and officials reported damages of 33 KV power cable lines linking Ngwe Taung and Ngar Tesu sub-stations since the projects have been suspended in Moehti, Moemi areas in 2018 and damages of transformers and control panels in Ngar Tesu sub-station. In response to the report, the Union Minister stressed on repairing the damaged parts and the costs.

In meeting with the staffs of Yamethin township Electrical Engineering office, the Union Minister called for power safety and security measures, distribution of electricity with full capacity for improving socio-economic life of the locals and reducing power outages, beautifying of sub-power station and office building, collecting electric bills and working together for achieving the goals of the ministry and good services.

Later, the Union Minister and party inspected damages along 33 KV power lines distributing electricity to Moe Hti, Moe Mi area and Ngar Tesu 33 KV (10 MVA) sub-power station and measures for repairing damages for distributing electricity as quick as possible.

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