Tourism Development: Union Minister Discusses Tourism Sector in Taninthayi Region

15 May 2021
2021-05-15 09:58

Union Minister for Hotels and Tourism U Maung Maung Ohn met Chairmen and officials of Myeik District Hoteliers Association, Tourism Association and Restaurant Association on 13th May.

During the meeting, the Union Minister said Myeik Archipelagos is comprised of over 800 islands, and it became a major tourist destination for local and foreign visitors due to the presence of untouched islands and extinct sea dwellers Salon tribe. But the industry has been suspended for about a year due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. At present, the disease has seen under control to some extent, and the tourism industry has been resumed nationwide in line with the guidance of the Chairman of the State Administration Council. The Union Minister stressed that along with the development of the hotels and the tourism sector, local people will have job opportunities which lead to the socio-economic development of the region.

The officials later reported on COVID-19 vaccinating to the hotel staff, implementation of Hotel Guest List Management System and discovering the new tourist destinations.

Later that day, the Union Minister met with Chairmen and officials of Kawtthaung District Hoteliers Association, Tourism Association and Restaurant Association and discussed the development of the hotels and tourism sector.

The Union Minister also met with Taninthayi Region Administration Council Chairman and discussed matters for tourism development in the region.

The Union Minister and party later viewed the renovation of Victoria Entertainment Resort in Yadana Island. Kawtthaung Township in Taninthayi Region is situated 125 ft above sea level, and it attracts local and foreign visitors to enjoy beautiful natural islands and the underwater world.

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