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The Bank for Investment and Development (BIDV) launched its Yangon branch on Sunday. 

It is among the series of events that BIDV co-organizes including 4 countries-one destination conference on connecting tourism and expanding cooperation in banking sector among Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

CEO, BIDV, Dang Hai Nha: "At this moment, the branch will invest 85 million USD paid in capital and we do have plan to run business here for the next 2 or 3 hundred years."

The opening ceremony of the CLMV countries photo exhibitions and foods festival was held in Yangon, Saturday. 

The purpose of the exhibition and festival is to promote the tourism of the four countries including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam as known as a CLMV countries.  

The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement met with local CSOs from lower Myanmar, to have more connectivity for further collaboration in effective way. 

Since the ministry is to conduct activities like rescuing and providing assistance to victims, the meeting aims to establish a network with volunteering social groups, to be more helpful in their performances.

Peeling each cocoa bean by hand, Italian chocolatier Claudio Corallo makes fine chocolate on the island of Sao Tomé in a way that is likely unique in the world. Claudio said, "The women here peel the cocoa beans by hand. I think no one else in the world does this. We peel the cocoa by hand because we have a small-scale production but of very high quality and we want the basis of our chocolate to be perfectly clean."

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tours the U.S.Rust Belt to shore up support from working-class voters in the region by promising to raise wages and reject bad international trade deals.HILLARY CLINTON, DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE"And so as we are honest about our challenges here and abroad, let's start from understanding that this country and our people have what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead if they have the leadership that gives us that chance." "So then yesterday, Tim and I, and Anne and Bill hit the road, going across...

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