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Saudi Arabia is satisfied with U.S. President Barack Obama's assurances about the Iran nuclear deal and believes the agreement will contribute to security and stability in the Middle East. Speaking after a White House meeting between Obama and Saudi King Salman in Washington, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said on Friday Obama had assured Salman that the agreement prevents Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, includes inspections of military and suspected sites.

Thai police on Saturday said that they were in the process of determining the nationalities of Erawan shrine bomb-investigation suspects. "We will send passports of the two suspects to Turkey and China on Monday or Tuesday. But we have sent passport copies to them a long time ago. We need China and Turkey to use their microchip readers to read the information inside the passports," police spokesman Prawut Thawornsiri said at news conference in Bangkok.  

Members of Parliament said the last two years of parliamentary sessions have been more transparent and efficient, as seen in the number of laws discussed and passed. 

Parliaments have been alive after the 2010 general election, following the first steps towards a democratic transition. Civilian MPs claimed the first two years of the parliament were still under the influence of the previous government. But 2014 to 2015 have garnered more results, including the enactment of free compulsory education, said MP Khine Maung Yi. 

More garments factory jobs are feared to be cut down, as factory owners try to cope with the newly enforced minimum wage, according to an official from the Myanmar Garments Manufacturers Association. 

The source, who insisted not to be named, said member factories will not shut down, as some of them warned in July, but might have to decrease their workforce. 

The association member factories provide jobs and livelihoods for approximately 200,000 workers. 

Myanmar considers lifting the rice export ban by mid-September, amid worries over rice production affected by previous and fresh flooding. The Myanmar Rice Federation has preciously insisted the flooding last month did not severely affect nationwide rice production.  

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