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The main celebrations of the Myanmar new year are finished but people are still left with a few more non-working holidays before offices and businesses resume to operations. In these days, recreation parks such as zoos are crowded with people.
After the four-day water dousing, people come to Yangon Zoological Garden for relaxing, enjoying the animals’ talent show and picnic.

While almost everyone was out in the streets to party during the water festival, members of an independent organization volunteered their time and resources for a quick response to injuries and accidents.
During water festival, Free Funeral Service Society had provided emergency cars for the emergency cases in 3 main crowded areas in Yangon.
The areas are Kandawgyi park, Myakyunthar amusement park and near Rakhine pandals.

Several shops have gone back to operations in Yangon after a week long holiday from the Thingyan water festival. Here in Yuzana Plaza, shops have opened on Sunday.
April sales come to a stop during the ten day holiday but sellers say demand for goods are high prior and after Thingyan.

With little to do and nowhere to go, five Palestinians stuck in the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip came up with a plan: make a boat out of recycled plastic bottles. "We wanted to break the depression that comes from being stuck in Gaza," said Bahaa Obeid, a 25-year-electrician who built the boat with his lawyer cousin Mohamed Obeid. For three months the five friends shaped and welded scrap metal to form a rigid frame before fitting it out with nearly 1,000 green plastic bottles.

A replica of the French navy frigate Hermione which brought General Lafayette to America to rally rebels fighting Britain in the US war of independence, will set sail for the United States again on Saturday, 235 years after the original crossing.

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