Interchange Development: Very 1st Collaboration Project For Train Station And Bus Stop

2 December 2019
2019-12-02 16:10

The 1st Project for Interchange Development between railway and bus stop was launched at the Thamine Station of Mayangone Township in Yangon on Monday.

It’s the very first collaboration project on interchange development of Myanma Railways and Yangon Bus Service (YBS). The project was organized by Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA), Japan International Cooperation Agency Myanmar (JICA Myanmar), Myanma Railways, Yangon City Development Committee and Traffic Police.

Assistant Operating Manager, Myanmar Railways, Kyaw Myo Lwin said “Thamine Station is just on the Baho Street where the Thamine bus stop is situated. Trains make stops here so do buses. Only the regional residents know this interchange way of railway and bus routes. We need to give more information about it to the public. And it is what this project works for.”

The Interchange Development launching event was held at the Thamine Station along with remarks by many officials concerned.

Joint Secretary, Yangon Region Transport Authority, Hla Aung said “The project is part of the Yangon Bus Service upgrade project. Currently, bus service is the most common public transportation in Yangon and that’s why we are reforming the bus service firstly. But railway would be the most potential transportation service. So we are implementing to connect the station and bus stop.”

There are over 1,200 passengers every day taking the circular train at Thamine Station which is the main gate for YBS No. 11, 22 and 94. 

Representative, JICA Myanmar Office, Yuji Sano said “We are now working on improving the public transportation system in Yangon City. In order to do that, we need to make use of the full potential for the existing transport system. So now, we have the circular railways and the public bus transportation system by connecting these two”. “People can effectively use both of the transportation.”

The project team is conducting a survey for the pilot project to launch a more effective and efficient transportation service.

Passenger, Khin Shwe said “I took the train from HlaingThayar to this Thamine Station to go to the hospital and I will take the bus here to Danyingone. I prefer this interchange way because it is more convenient for me.”

The project was implemented to promote the way of interchange transportation between railway and bus service for more streamlined public transportation service in Yangon.


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