State Administration: State Administration Council holds meeting 8/2022

27 September 2022
2022-09-27 21:19

Chairman of the State Administration Council [SAC] Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addressed the Council’s meeting 8/2022 on Tuesday.

In his address at the State Administration Council office, the Senior General highligted his friendship visit to Russia and stressed bilateral cooperative activities with Russia for many sectors including trade, investment, economy, health and education, and assistance from Russia.

Regarding the efforts for agricultural development in the country, he highlighted loans provided to farmers and growers from the state economic promotion fund and plans to provide fertilizers, fuel and seeds. He also pointed out the benefits if mung bean cultivation is accelerated.

The Senior General also stressed the important role of SME sector for the state and regional economic development and plan to provide aid to Chin State. The state and regional governments have to make efforts for their respective state and regional economic development.

Regarding the tourism sector, the Senior General stressed the importance of tourism sector for the economic development in the country and the need to make efforts for stability and security in the country. He also highlighted the ongoing peace talks with ethnic armed organizations.

Tatmadaw has been working to enable the country to walk on the path of multi-party democracy system and is building a union based on democracy and federalism. Regarding the education sector, 50 vocational and academic schools will be established in 50 districts.

Plans are underway to open the Nay Pyi Taw State Academy in October this year and it will be upgraded into a university after 4 years, the Senior General added. Also, members of the State Administration Council discussed the matter to put the Chairman’s recent fruitful visit to Russia on record.

Field trips must be made to successfully implement projects in states and regions. Also, the members discussed to open teacher training school or university for the newly appointed teachers, to construct Panhlaing river-crossing bridge in Nyaungdon Township, to conduct agricultural-related campaigns and to establish a national theatre in Nay Pyi Taw, and many other matters were also discussed.

In his response, the Senior General expressed his plans regarding implementation of the projects, training for the newly appointed teachers, bridge construction, agricultural-related campaigns, economic and currency stability in the country and many other plans for the interest of the country.

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